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Member of:  ICG 669. IFC, WIF, CSC (associate member since 1991)

Canadian citizen, US resident, Costa Rica resident, Trinidad & Tobago citizen

Kelly embodies leadership in every aspect. She provides excellent communication to all departments, both creatively and logically, and can juggle any situation with ease and grace.


Kelly collaborates calmly and graciously. Not only is she a cinematic visionary, but she also has a deep understanding of storytelling and character development, making her an excellent candidate for opportunities to run multiple units.


Kelly takes great pride in coming in under budget and within schedule, leveraging her professional connections to lead the production to success.

Kelly is from Canada and Trinidad & Tobago (West Indies) and raised in an ethnic household.


Kelly began her love affair with images at the young age of 8, when she received her first Kodak camera for Christmas.


At 12 years old, Kelly drew plans for a full-size “professional” darkroom, and began her career as a fine art photographer printing silver gelatin black and whites and selling to her film friends, in galleries and museums worldwide. Her top earning print, Apparition, was sold for $10.000 to a private collector in Los Angeles.

Prior to becoming a full time Director of Photography, she operated "A" camera on over 60 projects, including with the late Vilmos Zsigmond ASC, Lazlo Kovacs ASC, Dante Spinatte ASC, and Bill Bennett ASC, (to name a few).


She has DP'd for great producers including Academy award winning duo James Ivory and Ismail Merchant, as well as "giant" producers such as Sarah Schecter, Greg Berlanti, Brad Wright,  and Dean White. Also on the Sony Netflix Series, “The Night Agent” for the stunt units as well as Tandem & Main Units for EPs Shawn Ryan & Seth Gordon.  


Kelly earned 22 laurels, 8 for best cinematography with Richard J. Lewis as Executive Producer (EP/ Director of Westworld) . Currently, the film can be seen worldwide in nearly every language around the world on Facebook Meta Oculus, Dreamscape, and multiple international broadcasters.   Her documentary influenced environmental legislation and triggered an investigation that jailed 72 corrupt government officials, blowing the whistle on the biggest scandal to date in Costa Rica.


Additional documentaries Kelly DP'd  include, Code Pink (with founders, Jodie Evans and Madea Benjamin with activist Maya Angelou), and Acalen, with Ali McGraw.

Kelly has extensive experience shooting film and digital, green screens, LED environments, multi-camera stunts, and virtual environments alongside leading edge VFX teams. 


Travelers Three Peacock Inc,

Brad Wright: Executive Producer / Showrunner


Kelly came to us highly recommended by Steve Jackson (main unit DP) and brings with her years of experience which has cultivated her calm, direct and efficient mode of working.


As an asset of her being an example to Producers and Directors, Kelly lit a heavy second unit day consisting of 8 cameras (one of which she operated), multiple stunts, skydivers and complicated chase scenes on the ground.  


Having proven her level of ability to deliver as a Cinematographer, we went on to hire Kelly to shoot a series of Travelers promo videos for Showcase.


Kelly is one of our pioneering female Cinematographers in the Canadian film industry, and whomever she chooses to work with will, no doubt, benefit greatly.

Michael Storey

Director / Cinematographer (Supergirl TV Series Seasons 4,5 and 6)

Kelly performs above and beyond everyone’s greatest expectations. She has a gift for being able to understand how to translate the script and execute the scene very quickly while giving the actors and crew members the grace to participate equally.

David McWhirter

Director, Supergirl, Warner Bros, CW, Berlanti Group


Kelly has wonderful people skills and is excellent at collaborating with cast and crew and communicating with them in the filmmaking process.

Jess Kardos 

Supervising Writer, Supergirl, Warner Bros, CW, Berlanti Group

I have worked with many cinematographers, they can usually be divided into two categories; those with creative backgrounds, and those with technical backgrounds. It is a rarity to find that cinematographer that has mastered both.  Kelly Mason, however, is one such person.


Merchant Ivory Productions Ltd.

James Ivory: Executive Producer / Director


Kelly Mason participated in the making of "The Mystic Masseur" shot in Trinidad, West Indies, which is based on a novel by V.S. Naipaul.  Her work as the 2nd Unit Cinematographer was outstanding, and we were lucky to have been able to engage her.  She is an innovative artist with unusual abilities, not the least of which is her ability to work with a film crew that comes from many different backgrounds, with varying technical expertise and standards.  


We consider ourselves fortunate in having found Ms. Mason to work on "The Mystic Masseur"


Really Real Films Inc

Cynde Harmon: Executive Producer


Kelly is one of our pioneering women in Canadian Cinematography.  Through her 20 years of camera experience, she worked her way up

through the ranks to achieve the status of Cinematographer.  She has now continued her film career in a new direction, having moved into

producing, directing and distributing her own projects.  Kelly came to me for guidance in that regard and I have never seen someone work so tirelessly, selflessly and so successfully in such a short period of time!


She has gone beyond my expectations with her first project "Green Baby", which is a beautiful little masterpiece.  It is now selling worldwide and spreading a wonderful message to the world to help bring awareness on how to be good to our planet.


Kelly is a true visionary and one that we have had the pleasure to work with and benefit from her unique talents with the camera!


Richard J Lewis

Westworld / CSI: Executive Producer/ Director


Kelly has a finely tuned visual ability and goes far beyond the call of duty.  Her knowledge and understanding of film aesthetics and photography make her one of the best Camera Operators I have ever worked with. Furthermore, she has an astute grasp of story and character, both of which are intrinsic to the success of any Cinematographer.


Kelly is an extraordinarily talented individual with a vast array of experience, a wealth of talent that lends itself perfectly to the profession.  She is personable and highly motivated.  I recommend her wholeheartedly.


Anagram Pictures Inc.

Mary Anne Waterhouse: Executive Producer


I have known Kelly for many years and have spent those years in awe of her determination, talent and grace.  She represents all that one would wish for in a Cinematographer: a keen eye, comprehensive technical knowledge, and a calm, collaborative, winning approach.


All of this makes Kelly a huge asset to producers, directors and the overall success of a production.


Gold Star Productions

Ken Frith: Producer


Kelly was our DOP on a 35mm music video shoot for the Warner Music recording artist Christine Evans show on location in Kamloops, BC.  Kelly, in very hot weather, hung off the back of a pick up truck to get the shot while 7 months pregnant!


Kelly made sure the look we wanted to achieve was captured spending many hours in pre-production up until the final colour correction.


Kelly has excellent communication skills and strong working relationships with highly skilled and trained production crews.  Furthermore, Kelly has helped to facilitate productions often arranging deals on stock, equipment and crew.



Peter Menzies jr.


I highly recommend DP Kelly Mason.  Her years of experience in the industry is a valuable asset.  She is efficient, professional, and calm natured with Director and crew.  Her visionary approach will provide any project with successful results.


Kelly and I worked together on a movie for Sony and I would not hesitate to bring her on my team.


New Edge Media

Marina Prospero: Producer, Writer, Director


Kelly was a pinnacle influence in my own career as a Writer and Director.  She helped mentor me in the early years always enthusiastic to share her skill and knowledge.  She is constantly raising the bar on experimental creative expression.  She is an amazing support member of the crew, always ready to contribute whatever it takes for the success of the production.


To me, Kelly Mason is a wonderful woman, never hesitation for adventure and always with the best intentions and a heart of gold.  My experience with the industry has taught me that it is the people involved that make a production so special.  I always want Kelly Mason on my team.


Apple Computers 

Garageband team


In all the years of production, I have never experienced a crew that worked together with so much love and respect.  The shoot, led by Kelly Mason, was top notch professional, fun and one of the happiest experiences I have had in this industry.


Blue Esme, Sony 

Alex Kalymnios: Director


Thank you so much for your hard work and passion on this film. It was great to work with you and I loved your energy and spirit.


Bif Naked: Punk Rock Musician, Motivational Speaker

Rock Star Cooking: Pilot Project


Gratitude and Love surround me as I am so blessed to meet you Kelly!  Thank you from my soul and may you continue to be blessed in live in love and light.  You INSPIRE and DELIGHT me.


Drumfit Productions

Liz Fryer: Founder


I was absolutely thrilled with the final cut of our recently produced Web Commercial by Kelly Mason.  From the very beginning of our project, we felt an instant connection with Kelly and knew she understood what we wanted to achieve and how to go about doing so.  She was confident, professional and creative throughout the process.  The results are a dynamic encapsulation of what we create everyday.


The feedback has been overwhelming and we have been bombarded with interest since the Web Commercial first aired.  Thank you Kelly for providing us with a professional, quality product of which we all can be proud!


Lotus Yoga

Mary Patterson: Director, Teacher


I was so lucky to have Kelly, a wonderful, creative filmmaker on my yoga retreat in Costa Rica this year.  She shot footage of me doing yoga on the beach at sunrise and sunset and I have had loads of comments from people who have viewed the clips I have used as promotion.


Kelly was professional, prepared and had many good suggestions for interesting shots.  Importantly she made me feel comfortable during the process.


I would certainly recommend Kelly to anyone interested in a creative, enjoyable filming experience.  She is experienced with good technical knowledge and I was pleased with the quality of the film she gave me. 




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